N.O.V. – Not Ordinary View

Photo credits: Gianpaolo Lauretta

N.O.V. – Not Ordinary View
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Contemporary , i.e. the Here and Now; and yet the Not Ordinary View (N.O.V.) of a mediated and pondering eye, one willing and able to decipher the transverse nature of the observed and to extract its eventual new, provocative, or even revolutionary, meanings. Two readings, then, for the same exhibition. To begin with, optical perception prompts a vision, an intellectual perception, by which the mind converts the physical sensation into immaterial intelligibles, or concepts. And concepts, in turn, feed the visionary dimension, the unveiling of the not-yet-there, the possible future(s) supported and supportable by the ethical push of the artist and his/her public as well.

This dialectic between the existent and change is declined here in the aesthetic mode, but carries an obvious anthropological significance, in that inherent to human nature: no wonder, then, that the exhibition’s works show something in order to prove something else, and that the latter be elsewhere, to come, and to be fought for. Artists, though, are quite peculiar in that their freedom of language and their tools’ concreteness allow them to maximize the semantic and communicative effectiveness of the concepts carried by the works. Images, materials, techniques of the visual universe can be manipulated endlessly, and each manipulation will return renewed and amplified visibility, tactility, sonority, and so on…Thanks to this magic, an exhibition imbued with “Intentionality” (à la Husserl), and extremely rigorous as to ideas and project, equally appeals to the mobilization of all visitors’ senses around the emblematic, if not archetypal, creations of the artists.

15 November 2013 – 15 January 2014

Léa Belooussovitch
João Freitas
Giorgia La Rocca
Gianpaolo Lauretta

Valentina Lucia Barbagallo