No Signal Found

Photo credits: Johanna Géron

No signal found
Younes Baba-Ali

A parabolic antenna installed within the gallery bumps in vain into the wall. Switching on/off unpre-dictably, seven hairdryers panic: the air released by one makes the next swinging.The leads of three ball pens appear and disappear, as they are compulsively pressed by tireless, clenched hands. At regular intervals, a megaphone broadcasts a mysterious code, while a TV screen turned towards the wall stubbornly releases the blurred sound of a missing channel. Here and there, tools of our technological, networked and overconnected everyday life cacophonously switch on and off and answer to each other. As the first solo show by Younes Baba-Ali, No Signal Found gets on one’s nerve. Irritated and mistreated,our patience gets blunt because nothing works; or, at any rate, nothing works the right way, and the pirated objects seem to have got rid of the yoke of functionality. Affected by a “Frankenstein syndrome”, they bug and defy us. The mocking artist might almost be seen behind the corner, ironically watching our sheepish wandering within a freewheeling and absurd universe that alludes to real fears, such as the year 2000 bug. By implicitly approaching urgent issues such as the effects of the “Society of the Spectacle”,and the question of multicultural identities and religious clashes,the exhibition appropriates and interrogates the features and the tools of our ultra-contemporaneous, globalised and rhizome-like society.In between amusement and consternation, we are submitted a show about artificial…intelligence.

21 April – 21 May 2011

Bérénice Saliou